In order to migrate to Australia as a skilled migrant, you need a skill. This is defined as an occupation that requires a degree of formal training (although in some cases you can be accepted on the basis of work experience which is equivalent to formal training). Most skilled occupations are included in the skilled occupation lists which are used to define who can apply.

If you have an employer who can sponsor you, the nature of the occupation is again critical and there are limitations based on the employer’s own eligibility to sponsor.
Other skilled migrants can apply either without a sponsor or be sponsored by family members or a State government. Most of these applications are points-tested, and generally it is not possible to lodge a skilled application unless you have a skills assessment relating to an occupation on the skilled occupation lists, have adequate English, and are under 50. We so encourage you to take our online Assessment form to help determine where you stand (a fee of AU$220 applies).

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