Are you a successful business owner or business manager, or are you able to make a substantial investment in treasury bonds here?

Have a look at the information provided below on the different types of Business People and take our online Assessment to find out where you stand (a fee of AU$220 applies).

Business Migration Program

From 1 March 2003, Australian immigration law was amended to introduce a two-stage visa processing for business skills migrants. Under these arrangements, almost all business migrants are granted a provisional visa for four years.

After establishing a business with the requisite level of business activity, or maintaining the requisite level of investment in Australia, provisional visa holders are eligible to apply for permanent residence.

A direct permanent residence category is available for high calibre business migrants sponsored by state/territory governments. This is known as the Business Talent visa. Business Owner – must be the owner or part-owner of a business or businesses with a turnover of at least A$300,00 per annum and have assets of at least A$250,000 and be sponsored by an Australian state or territory; where the turnover is A$500,000 and assets held are at least A$500,000 no state or territory sponsorship is required.

Senior Executives

You must be an executive in one of the top three levels of a major business (ie with a turnover of more than A$10 million if sponsored, A$50 million if unsponsored).

Business Talent

You must be able to show an asset base of at least A$1.5 million and ownership or part-ownership of a business with a turnover of A$3million annually.


You must be able to make an investment of A$750,000 for four years in a participating Australian State or Territory treasury bond and is sponsored by that State or Territory; unsponsored requires a bond of A$1.5 million.

Business Owner in Australia

You must be able to show that a business has been operating in Australia and meet certain turnover, asset and employee thresholds.

Requirements common to all business visas are that you should have an overall successful business career, have significant business and personal assets, sufficient net assets to settle in Australia, and a commitment to obtain or maintain an ownership interest in a business in Australia, or, in the case of investors, make a significant statutory deposit. In all cases you also have to have no history of unacceptable business activities.

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