Lombard and Laurence Newsletter — December Migration Updates

Refugee Released from Immigration Detention

Our staff have always taken an interest in Australia’s migration detention regime and helped those who we can, we were members of a team who this week saw Iranian asylum-seeker Jalal Mahamede released into the Australian community although his battle is far from over. Jalal arrived by boat in 2013 seeking protection in Australia. He was held in offshore detention in Nauru and Christmas Island, before being transferred to a Brisbane detention centre.
Jalal is a poet and artist and has recently released an album entitled ‘Set Me Free’ in collaboration with Australian musician, Keyna Wilkins. The album was made during the COVID-19 lockdown and aims to share insight into his experience in detention and his battle in seeking protection.

Album: 'Set Me Free'



Changes to ANZSCO Occupation List

An updated version of the ANZSCO Occupation List has been released. The update has been made to agriculture, cyber security, naval ship building, and 25 occupations in data analytics, emerging business practices, health and online engagement, which were identified as emerging occupations by the National Skills Commission. These changes are said to target specific shortages in the Australian labour market.
We do wish to advise that changes will need to be made to the regulatory occupation lists before any new occupations can be used for the purposes of a visa application. The new ANZSCO occupation list is yet to be implemented by the Department of Home Affairs and it is currently undergoing a consultation process.

Updated ANZSCO List



Victorian Ombudsman investigation into state border closures

The Victorian Ombudsman has found that state border closures between New South Wales and Victoria during the July lockdown were ‘unjust’ and ‘inhumane’. The investigation revealed that only 8% of exemption applications to enter Victoria were approved during lockdown.
Complaints received by the Ombudsman revealed that people were refused despite various compassionate reasons such as the passing of a loved one. Some Victorian residents were even denied entry, leaving them essentially homeless.

ABC News Article



Migrant Workers Centre Report reveals the exploitation of migrant workers

A report published by the Migrant Workers Centre has found that approximately 65% of workers have been victims of wage theft. Most of the workers with these experiences also arrived in Australia on a visa with no clear path to permanent residency.
Other reports have also stated that qualified migrants in Australia are having trouble finding suitable employment in their field. In particular, the Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia has stated that migrants are facing the outcome of ‘unconscious biases’ held by Australian employers. This social phenomenon makes it more difficult for migrants to obtain necessary employment, which could in turn impact their eligibility for permanent residency.

The Guardian Article

ABC News Article



Please note that the above information is only general information and is not legal advice and should not be relied upon. Please contact our office for immigration advice specific to your situation.