About Us

Getting a visa for Australia is a pre-requisite for entering the country if you don’t have an Australian passport. Australia is one of the few nations that still insist that every foreigner coming in holds a visa at entry.

Some Australian visas are easy to get, while others are quite difficult. But for every type of visa, there are cases where an application could succeed or fail.

We believe that it is our responsibility as migration agents to advise clients of their chances of success. To us, receiving payment for an application that cannot succeed is an act of dishonesty.

Our mission

To assist those who might otherwise fail.
We provide our services honestly, and at a reasonable price. We will not mystify the law or magnify the risks. If we believe that a client is able to perform a task (such as lodging an application) without professional assistance, we will say so.Passports stacked on each other

To help clients whose primary language is not English.
We employ staff members who speak a variety of community languages including French, German, Tongan, Samoan and Spanish.

To distribute information about Australian migration law.
Migration law is an area where the few information available can often mislead or confuse people. We believe in the importance of accessible information and try to provide the most updated information in the simplest terms.

To assist those in detention above all.
The Australian immigration detention regime is contrary to international law. We strive to provide assistance to individuals affected by this policy.

To raise the quality of migration advice available to applicants.
We offer a series of courses every year for migration agents’ professional development, principally in the area of skills assessment and professional conduct.

To promote the understanding and application of migration laws across borders.
We maintain that a universal application of the Refugees Convention is necessary. A fair country must be fair in its migration policy. We do the work we do because we believe Australia can be a fair country.

Code of Conduct

Minor amendments have been made to the Code such that an agent is not prevented from giving immigration assistance to an individual they employ or sponsor unless there is conflict of interest. Recent amendments to the Migration Agents Regulations 1998 now make it clear that whatever role an agent plays in relation to a visa application, they are at all times subject to the Code.
Agents must ensure they are using the latest version of the Code and that any website links to the Code refer clients to the updated version. The amended version of the Code is available here on the OMARA website.

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