Lombard and Laurence Newsletter — October Migration Updates


Changes to travel restrictions for vaccinated Australians

The Australian government has announced that in November, vaccinated Australians over the age of 12 will be able to travel in and out of Australia freely. Children under 12 and people with a medical reason for which they cannot be vaccinated will also be able to travel without needing an exemption.

Vaccinated Australians may also access reduced quarantine arrangements when returning to Australia, provided they can show evidence of vaccination. Australian citizens or permanent residents who do not meet these criteria will have to follow travel exemption procedures in order to travel in and out of Australia.

Travel to New Zealand

Individuals who have only been in Australia or New Zealand in the last 14 days will now be able to travel to New Zealand without seeking a travel exemption.

Australian citizens and permanent residents need to apply for an exemption only if they have booked an onward flight from New Zealand. If you wish to travel on from New Zealand, you will also be subject to existing quarantine requirements upon return to Australia.

NSW 491 Nomination

NSW opened its next submission window for subclass 491 visa applications on October 3rd, and will remain open for the month of October. If you previously submitted a Registration of Interest in August and did not receive an invitation, you will need to submit a new one to be considered again.

Queensland Skilled Migration Program

Although Queensland had announced the opening of their skilled migration program as being due in September, this has been delayed. Migration Queensland is currently undergoing another round of consultation with industries and will open their migration program once this has concluded. Unfortunately, this means that an opening date has not been announced.