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About our website

We have designed the website to be functional and a source of helpful information.

Most migration agent sites avoid mentioning the name or names of the agents – pretending that they’re large corporations. It’s often very hard to even find their registration numbers. We don’t try to hide our identity or registration details – what we aim for is what you see is what you get.

The other feature of such websites is the use of colourful photos about Australia – as if they’re travel agent sites. But a slick website isn’t any guarantee of reliability. The values are more important, we think.

As a business which operates largely through the Internet, we accept that our website needs to convey a coherent message of reliability, and dependability. More often than not, aspiring migrants/clients will deal with us only via electronic means (i.e. emails and web), and we do rely heavily on our website to make the right impression. But equally, we don’t want to pretend that we’re a travel agent or that Australia is your only choice – the main things that aspiring migrants need are clear sources of information – we provide that.